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Society Description

The Legend:

In the beginning of time the Gods attempted to create a perfect race of creatures but after thousands of attempts they had almost given up hope. The peaceful species were almost always stupid and intelligent races always fought amongst them selves. So the Gods disheartened by the results had one last try. They took the rock and flesh to make them strong in body. Then the Goddess of wisdom gave them great intelligence. With the input of many of the other Gods they believed they had created a peaceful and intelligent race but the God of war angry at being excluded from the creation of this race secretly gave them strength and a bloodlust which over shadowed their peaceful tendencies.

Realizing what their beloved race had become, the Gods punished the Draconians in the form of a deadly plague that was supposed to return them to their old ways. This would of worked if not for the powerful God of war who protected his children. This provoked a feud between the Gods that was quickly stopped and the failing race was forgotten about, for a while.

Now the Gods of war and Peace have taken a renewed interest in the species and have taken a more direct route for control. Unbeknownst to the other Gods, the God of War has possessed the Grand Vizier and the God of Peace has possessed a very influential member of the Religious caste. If the other Gods ever found out it may spell the destruction for the Draconians. Of course the religious caste and indeed many of the race in general believe that they are the chosen ones. They are wrong.

Heres the science, concentrate:

Millennia ago, a small isolated group of rhinoceros like herbivores existed on the plains of the Kelshir coast. These animals were extremely vulnerable to a breed of predatory cats, relatives of the catayarsh, and as the number of predatory cats increased the animals were forced into the mountains to avoid extinction. The hardiest of these creatures survived and bred, slowly becoming more and more in control environment. As the easiest way to survive on the mountain ranges was to eat meat the creatures became more and more predatory developing simple tools and weapons, eventually hunting the predatory cats to extinction. After developing intelligence to rival that of humanoid species, meeting other races came as something of a shock. Deciding that the other races would make easy prey, the once peaceful creatures became 'Viking like' invaders, they were eventually given the gothic name Draconians by the Razanians they pillaged from. These acts nearly led to the destruction of the Ban Horroth race as their Razanian enemies prepared to join forces to destroy them and they would of almost certainly succeeded. It was at this point that a Ban Horroth hunting party returned to their rock citadel carrying a passenger that would be their greatest enemy and their greatest savior. The enemy that would bring about the downfall of this warrior race was simply a mutated viral strain that incapacitated and killed almost 85% percent of the overall population. The Ban Horroth were left for dead in the rocky fortress that had become their tomb. The survivors were determined and they left the to repopulate the species in a hidden location. Unfortunately many of the survivors offspring were weakened and deemed unfit to fight, and so came about the three castes of War, Religion and Diplomacy. After generations of peace and trade with isolated communities the Ban Horroth returned to their dilapidated fortress and rebuilt it from scratch. The effects of the virus have been almost completely bred out and all three castes could stand in defense of the realm if required. There is occasionally still a weakened child but they are usually destined for greatness. There is a drawback to their newfound strength though, many of the warrior caste want a return to the old ways and is this is possible if not for one thing. The king is really just a puppet who is controlled by the Grand Vizier a prodigy (weakened) man who is a master tactician and also believes in a return to war. However the king still holds sway over public opinion and he is currently indebted to a very influential member of the religious caste who does not believe that violence would be beneficial. For now the Ban Horroth are ready to peacefully return from myth and legend to reality and begin peaceful trade in gems and precious minerals with other races. Who knows though what the future will hold.