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Actions in Game Year 1420

Society Name: Ban Horroth

Action 1 - Establish a intelligence agency

It was decided to establish some form of Intelligence Agency, runned by the Scouts, since Ban Horroth will have a hard time to spy with their physical looks. Scouts will be constantly sent at various neighbouring societies like the Shinari, Aixelsydan, Razanians and Milakanur to keep an eye on them and study them. If any of their militaries or whatever moves towards or near the mountains, the Scouts are to warn the council. They are also to avoid contact with those societies unless told otherwize by the Council.
Task: Establishing a Intelligence agency
(Difficulty Very Hard -2)
Secrecy: Yes
Actor: Scouts
Primary Determinant: Survival
Mods: +previous scouting
+various contacts

+2 -2 (-1 +1 +1 +1) = +2 Success.
The beginng of an Inteligent agence is begun. It work but does need a few years work.

Action 2 - Improve Magic

Caste of Religion will improve their use of magic among their Shamans, especially with rumours about the evil in the Shinari desert.
Task: Improve Magic
(Difficulty: Very Hard -2)
Secrecy: Yes
Actor: Caste of Religion
Primary Determinant: Survival
Mods: (it seems the Ban Horroth missing determinants, would like to develope this society more)

-2 (+1 +1 -1 0) = -1 Failure
The Shaman tried to learn to fast.

Action 3 - Improve Military

Caste of War as decided to improve its military, to be adaptable in fighting against any of the neighbouring Societies. Also to improve military equipment.
Task: Improve Military
(Difficulty: Very Hard -2)
Secrecy: Yes (ain't the Ban Horroth good in hiding anyway?)
Actor: Caste of War
Primary Determinant: Survival
Mods: +past knowledge of the neighbouring societies

-2 +1 (-1 -1 +1 +1) = -1 Failure

Action 4 - Establish Trade

Caste of Trade as decided to try establish trade with Razanians. They are sure that the Razanians would be interested in various raw resources.
Task: Establish Trade with the razanians
(Difficulty: Normal)
Secrecy: None
Actor: Caste of Trade
Primary Determinant: Trade
Mods: +Resources to trade

0 +1 (+1 +1 0 +1) = +4 Exclent Success
trade improve +1