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Actions in Game Year 1407

Society Name: Ban Horroth

It had been debated for many years in the courts of the Ban Horroth.  Should it be made so the race leave the rocky citadel to explore the outside world or should they remain, silent, brooding, lusting for existance. Ten years had the motion been debated, sometimes peacefully sometimes with blood. The three castes got together in the eleventh year of this debate for another discusion concerning the iminant future. THis year was different, an upcoming member of the religious caste stepped forward announcing news from the gods themselves. He claimed to have had divine message and gave a three day long speech. By the end of the speech it was clear what must be done, the king sent out ten of the most talented, strong and intelligent of the race. He sent them out to the points of one of the ban horroths religious symbols (the Ped'nar) the scouts went on their way spreading out into the open world. Their mission was to discover civilisations and to investigate as many different aspects of the cultures they find. The King told them to come back with information on religion, trade and the military. They were give a year to find out as much as they could then to return. All that they must do was to be done quietly and silently without the new cultures seeing them.

Action 1-4 (Quadruple action!!): Investigate neighbouring cultures
Task: Caramba!(-3) They want to remain hidden from view.
Secrecy: None - (I don't think it matters that the other players know you're doing this)
Actor: Scouts
Primary Determinant: Resources (skill of the scouts) I'll say it's Good (+1).
Mods: -1 Lack of knowledge

Result: +1 +3 -3 -1 + (+1 +1 0 -1) = +1 Complete success!

Suggestion: The Ban Horroth scouts return to the citadel with reports of the strange neighbouring peoples - the mysterious desert dwellers with their odd-looking mounts which look like huge cats; the odd people of the southern foothills who seem to have been inundated in recent times; the feuding peoples of the eastern forests......