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Society Name: Avatar

1310 A small group of fishers from Damaris find a chain of rocky islands at the mouth of a river with rich fish stocks.
1362 The Free Companies raid the fishing village killing many.
1368 A fortified community is constructed on one of the islands for protection.
1410 During Cormenaera's attempt to exterminate the Free Companies many anti-government dissidents worried that they may be targeted next take refuge on the islands now known as Avatar. A group called "the voice of the people" make up most of the 900 dissidents.
1412 Avatar refuses to supply lumber to Cormenaera's naval construction project. Later a fire destroys half of the city, rumours of Cormenaeraian influence spread.
1414 In a show of support and friendship Guima provides a small amount of lumber and stone to help rebuild Avatar.
1420 A rigid building code is inacted as well as a very planned layout for the city.
1424 The rebuilding of the city is finished and in record time due to innovations in construction and labour co-ordination.
1426 The Baron's health starts to decline and he later dies that year at the age of 79.
1427 A new Baron takes the throne and opens up relations with Cormenaera and other states in the area to set official borders and relations. The new Baron also grants the rural farmers and two outlying villages full rights of Avatarian citizens (including the right to be taxed).