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Asagmari History

Date (Qaiyorean) Event
24 The first Asagmar fiefdoms arise in the foothills of the Tavar mountains
280 The first King of Asagmar is crowned
364 The Warrior's Codex is written, which will set Asagmari military strategy for centuries
765 Asagmar is conquered by the Cedonian Empire. The King becomes purely a figure-head
825 An Asagmari revolt against Cedonian rule fails. Thousands are massacred
846 The second Asagmari revolt fails. Cedonians occupy Asagmar and kill all adult males
1213 Goblins attack Asagmari mountain holds. The attacks continue and gain in intensity
1223 The absence of the Cedonian army allows the King to regain control of Asagmar
1250 The goblins mount a huge attack on the capital. Thousands of Asagmari lose their lives.
1265 The last King is captured by the goblins, and believed slain. Regent Alvar I assumes control
1280 Fleeing the ruins of their small kingdom, the Asagmari refugees, led by Alvar II, head north towards Midsea
1305 The Asagmari arrive on the Razanian coast and begin to steal lands from the native peoples
1402 Regent Alvar III takes the throne