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Aryisa Description

The Asagmari civilization arose in the Southern Midsea area in 24. The Asagmari were united in 280 when the first King of Asagmar took control. Asagmar took little intrest in external affairs, and it was split by petty wars between rival nobles.

That changed in 765 when the Cedonian Empire conquered Asagmar. The Cedonian rule was not peaceful, and several unsuccesful revolts took place. In 1213, the first goblin attacks began, and shortly thereafter the King unofficially took control. In 1265, the last King was captured by the goblins, and Regent Alvar I took over. The Asagmari then began a slow exodus north. In 1305, the Asagmari arived on the Razanian coast and began its conquest.

The Asagmari founded a nation they call Aryisa (Asagmari for "land of the Exodus"). The capital city is also called Aryisa. The current ruler is Regent Alvar III.

The Asagmari nobles are two main factions. The Crusaders wish for to engage in wars of conquest and found Midsea's next empire. The Guardians oppose this plan. Adding to Aryisa's internal strife, a semi-organized resistance movement has sprung up among the Razanian serfs.

Asagmari culture puts great emphasis on tradition. Asagmari religion and military tactics remain nealy unchanged from earlier times. Asagmari religion encourages its followers to search within themselves for the divine, rather than looking outward.

One thing that a visitor to Aryisa notices is the complete lack of any magic-use among the Asagmari. The reasons for this lack of magic are lost in the mists of time.