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Actions in the Game Year 1410

Society Name: Aryisa

Action 1: "find them and eliminate them"
Strategic (3 of 3 years)

The occupation forces in Canor and Tesh continue to solidify their hold on the occupied territory. They hunt down and attempt to destroy the remaining Razanian armies present.

Primary Determinent: Military Force
Difficulty: Hard
Modifiers: ++ Aryisans are fresh from victory, Razanians are probably Demoralized
+1 Aryisans fresh from victory
-1 Razanians have mobilised their secondary forces


Result: +2 -1 +0 + (-1 +1 0 +1) + (+1 0 -1 -1) + (0 +1 +1 -1) = +2 Complete success!

Suggestion: The Asagmari obliterate all Razanian resistance in the occupied territories of Tesh and Canor. Canor is completely under Aryisan control. The King of Tesh holds on to the northwestern corner of his realm.


Action 2: Improve the port of Aryisa
Strategic (1 of 2 years)

Duke Iyan orders that a renovation of the port of Aryisa begin. He plans to substantialy increase the number of docks and warehouses. The move is clearly intended to increase the amount of trade going through the city.

Primary Determinent: Crafts
Difficulty: Normal
Modifiers: +just expanding alreadt existing facilities, not trying to build a whole new port


Result so far: +3 +1 + (0 -1 -1 -1) + ( )


Action 3: The Guardians Duke Danan, leader of the Guardians, attempts to determine who still supports him and who does not. He also attempts to insure that those supporters who still remain will not be tempted to defect.

Primary Determinent: Influence
Difficulty: Normal
Modifiers: none


Result: 0 -0 + (-1 0 0 +1) = 0 Mixed results.

Suggestion: Danan succeeds in determining who his supporters are. Unfortunately, his success confirms his fears that the Crusaders have complete control of the country.


Action 4: The Expedition Strategic open ended (2 of ? years)

The expedition leaves Taltheran early in the year. It visits the Island of Celtalath (that's wherethe Ka'Sharo are, right?). Showing Asagmari prejudices, it bypasses Cedonia and Mir to go to Zelkor, Tanimbar, and East Torphan.

Primary Determinent: Trade
Difficulty: Normal
Mods: - There are pirates in Midsea


Result this year: -1 -1 + (0 0 -1 +1) = -2 Complete Failure.

Suggestion: The expedition is attacked by Kaerian pirates en route to Celtalath. The majority of the flotilla is either sunk or captured. The flagship, carrying Duke Iyan's second son (acting as emissary) is forced to flee, badly damaged. Pursued by pirates the ship sails west, floundering as it reaches the waters off Talishara. The Kaerian pirates turn back as the Asagmari vessel is boarded and detained by Cedonian military. The Duke's son is incarcerated in Talishara, as news of the valuable captive is sent south to the capital.