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Actions in the Game Year 1409

Society Name: Aryisa

Action 1: "find them and eliminate them" Strategic (2 of 3 years)

The occupation forces in Canor and Tesh continue to solidify their hold on the occupied territory. They hunt down and attempt to destroy the remaining Razanian armies present.

Primary Determinent: Military Force
Difficulty: Hard
Modifiers: ++ Aryisans are fresh from victory, Razanians are probably demoralized


Mods: +1 Aryisans fresh from victory
-1 Razanians have mobilised their secondary forces

Result so far : +2 -1 +0 + (-1 +1 0 +1) + (+1 0 -1 -1) + ( )

One more year to go (assuming you're sticking with the original time period)


Action 2: Extend the Timber Veil Strategic (2 of 2 years)

The Asagmari continue work to extend the Timber Veil southward to cover the border with Karan.

Actor: Regent Alvar III
Primary Determinent: Crafts
Dificulty: Normal
Modifiers: +The Asagmari have practice doing this.
+ Crusader support


Extra Mods: -1 Razanian Front activities would have impact on supply line
-1 Crusaders mod negated as they are busy elsewhere (action 1)

Final Result:+3 -0 + (-1 -1 -1 0) + (+1 +1 +1 -1) = +2 Complete Success!

Suggestion: The Timber Veil is extended to cover the Karan border, much to the displeasure of the Century Council.


Action 3: Solidify Hold on Power

Duke Iyan begins to attempt to solidify his hold on the reigns of power

Actor: Duke Iyan (the Crusaders)
Primary Determinent: Influence
Difficulty: Normal
Mods: + + Crusaders are dominant power now


Result: +1 -0 +2 + (0 0 0 +1) = +3 Superior Success!

Suggestion: Duke Iyan solidifies his hold on Aryisa and is inarguably the most powerful individual in the nation. Any dissent in the Grand Council is mooted at best. His followers threaten any Guardians present and the Regent is nowhere to be seen, believed to be in fear of losing his life.


Action 4: An Expedition Strategic open-ended (probaly not more than five years)

Duke Iyan decides to launch an expedition to establish relations with many of the Midsea nations. The plans for this year are for the expedition to leave Aryisa, briefly visit Aiexlsydan, establish relations with Milankur, and hopefuly arrive in Taltheran by the end of the year.

Actor: Duke Iyan (the Crusaders)
Primary Determinent: (not sure)
Difficulty: Normal
Mods: - There are pirates in Midsea


Result: Trade (-1) -0 -1 + (0 0 +1 +1) = 0 Mixed results this year.

Suggestion: Aixelsydan (Tom) & Taltheran (Peter) can discuss the relevant details about relations between their societies and Aryisa directly. (Aixelsydan [Good], Taltheran [Mediocre]). As you got 'Mixed results', I suggest that Aixelsydan stays the same, Taltheran improves to (Fair) and Milakanur drops from (Fair) [the default] to (Mediocre). No problems with pirates, as they don't operate in the extreme north of Midsea to any degree.