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Actions in the Game Year 1408

Society Name: Aryisa

Northern Canor...

Ehan turned to look at his men. He cleared his throat and began, "We believe that the remnants of the Canoric army have fled into these hills. We have to find them and eliminate them." Suddenly, a scout came rushing into the encampment. He gasped and then announced, "We found the Canorics. They're about a mile north of here." Ehan smiled. "Move out!" he cried.

Action 1: "find them and eliminate them" Strategic (1 of 3 years)

The occupation forces in Canor and Tesh solidify their hold on the occupied territory. They hunt down and attempt to destroy the remaining Razanian armies present.
Primary Determinent: Military Force
Difficulty: Hard
Modifiers: ++ Aryisans are fresh from victory, Razanians are probably Demoralized
Mods: +1 Aryisans fresh from victory
-1 Razanians have mobilised their secondary forces

Result so far : +2 -1 +0 + (-1 +1 0 +1) + ( ) + ( )

Doing well.


The Karanic border...

"Move you Sils!" The cry echoed through the recently cleared area, where Razanians serfs labored under the watchful eye of Asagmari overseers.

Already, a small fortification was begining to take shape in the center of the clearing.

Action 2: Extend the Timber Veil Strategic (1 of 2 years)

The Asagmari work to extend the Timber Veil southward to cover the border with Karan.

Actor: Regent Alvar III
Primary Determinent: Crafts
Dificulty: Normal
Modifiers: +The Asagmari have practice doing this.
+ Crusader support
Extra Mods: -1 Razanian Front activities would have impact on supply line
-1 Crusaders mod negated as they are busy elsewhere (action 1)

Result so far : +3 -0 + (-1 -1 -1 0) + ( )

On the balance.


The Port of Haran...

Samual smiled once. This was easy duty, at least compared to working in Tesh or Canor. "May I come aboard?" he called out to the Cepali ship.

A sailor peered over the edge. "What for?" he asked. Samual grinned up at the sailor, "Tax inspection." He snickered at the chorus of groansthat rose up from the ship.

Later, as he prepared to leave, he spoke with the captain. "Everything seems to be in order. By the way, I've heard that there might be a need for good sailors or shipbuilders here soon. Why don't you come back next year and see?"

Action 3: "there might be a need for good sailors or shipbuilders here soon"

The Crusaders send men down to the port of Haran. They are ordered to examine the styles of ships that arrive, and also to spread the word that good shipbuilders and sailors would be appreciated next year.

Primary Determinent: Trade?
Dificulty: Easy
Modifiers: +lots of trade going on this year

Well, since we don't have a gossip determinant, I guess Trade will do.

Result: 0 +1 +1 + (-1 -1 -1 0) = -1 Complete failure.

Suggestion: Ouch. As this was an 'easy task', it means the failure is harder than usual. How about word spreads that Aryisa is hiking up taxes next year (mistakenly or otherwise) - trade is at -1 next year.


The city of Aryisa...

"You've heard the news about the Guardians?", Duke Iyan asked. Duke Gorin of Haran, one of the most influential neutral nobles grimaced.

"Yes. Can't say that I like it though." Duke Iyan chuckled.


Action 4: Isolate the Guardians

In the Grand Council, as well as in less formal settings, the Crusaders attempt to alienate the rest of the Asagmari nobles from the Regent and the Guardians.

Actor: Duke Iyan (the Crusaders)

Primary Determinent: Influence
Dificulty: Normal
Modiiers: ++ Crusader near total control of nation
+ Duke Iyan is popular because of his actions during the 1407 offensive
+ The Regent has traditionaly stayed neutral in the Crusader/Guardian conflict
Mod: The Regent being neutral is maybe even -ve as he supports the Guardians - so I'm going to discount his involvement.

Result: +1 -0 +2 + (-1 -1 +1 0 ) = +2 Complete Success.

Suggestion: The Guardians are now without any major backing. Their influence & authority drop to Fair (0) for the next three years (at least). Crusader authority now superb (+3) for three years (at least). They are now the ruling agency in Aryisa. The Regent has effectively been ousted.



"Let's move out!" commanded Mohes, a commander in the Aryisan army. The soldiers obediently formed up and headed back to the Aryisan border, pausing to first set torch to the farmstead.

Action 5: Raid the southern kingdoms

The Aryisans launch hit and run raids against the kingdms of Sayn, Non, and Sargor. The raids are designed to keep those kingdoms from aidingthe northern kingdoms.

Primary Determinent: Military Force
Dificulty: Normal
Modifiers: -extra action
+hit and run raids are hard to guard against
+high morale due to victory in the north
+southern kingdoms are probaly not expecting this
Mods: extra -1 secondary forces mobilised.

Result: +2 +0 +1(0 +1 +1 -1) = +4 Superior success!

Battle Result:

Aryisa has Force=Great, Size=Fair

Razanians have Force=Fair, Size=Fair. Defending on home ground (+1)

Aryisa Roll: +2 +1 (+1 +1 +1 -1) = +5

Razanian Roll: +2 +1 (-1 +1 +1 +1) = +5

Result: Win lose ratio 1:1. Around 1,000 Aryisan and 1,000 Razanian casualties.

Suggestion: The border raid is successful. The border villages are attacked and locals slain. The Razanians get their revenge, however, and manage to regroup and damage the retreating Asagmari.