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Actions in the Game Year 1407

Society Name: Aryisa

Action 1: Secure Alliance With Guardians (internal/tactical)

Actor: Regent Alvar III
Prime Determinent: Influence (Good)
Difficulty: Normal
Modifiers: + The Crusaders are a common threat
The Regent attempts to solidify his new alliance with the Guardians.

Result: +1 -0 +1 + (-1 +1 0 0) = +2 Complete success!

Suggestion: The Guardians and the Regent make a pact against the Crusaders. Aryisan society holds its' breath, waiting for the Crusader reaction.

Action 2: Establish Relations with Aiexylsyban

Actor: Regent Alvar III
Prime Determinent: Relations (none, therefore Mediocre)
Difficulty: Easy
Modifiers: none

Undaunted by past failures, Regent Alvar III sends another envoy to Aixelsyban to establish relations.

Result: -1 +1 + (-1 +1 +1 0) = +1 Complete success!

Suggestion: The Aixelsydani welcome the Aryisan delegates. (Maybe write-up the meeting with Tom?)

 Action 3+4: Cause War with Northern Razanian Kingdoms

Actor: Crusaders
Prime Determinent: Influence (Good)
Difficulty: Hard
Modifiers:++ Crusader near total control of nation
+ many neutral nobles also want war with Razanians
+ double action

Duke Iyan, leader of the Crusader faction, attempts to manipulate events to force the Regant to declare war on the northern Razanian states of Narton, Tesh, and Cantor.

 Result: +1 -1 +2 +1 +1 + (0 0 -1 0) = +3 Superior success!

Battle Result:
Aryisa has Force=Great, Size=Fair
Razanians have Force=Fair, Size=Fair. Defending on home ground (+1)

Aryisa Roll: +2 + (+1 0 +1 -1) = +3
Razanian Roll: 0 +1 + (-1 0 +1 +1) = +2

Result: Win lose ratio 1:2. Around 1,000 Aryisan and 2,000 Razanian casualties.

Writeup: Pouring out from the fortresses known as the Timber Veil, the Aryisan armies move north into Tesh. Raiding parties sack small villages in Narton and Cantor. The Razanians lose critical months, each of the three kingdoms unable to set aside their petty differences in the face of the common threat. Finally, the combined forces of Narton, Tesh, and Cantor meet the Aryisans in the village of Falan, an insignifigant settlement on the Tesh-Cantor border. The Cantorans defend the village proper, while Tesh takes the left flank and Narton the right. However, soon after the battle begins, the Teshian army breaks its engagement with Duke Iyan's personal retinue and retreats north, into the heartland of Tesh. Seizing the oppurtunity, Duke Iyan smashes into the flank of the Cantoran army and routes it. Seeing that the battle is lost, the Nartonans manage to make an orderly retreat to the east, but their backs are now to the ocean. Fresh from its swift victory, the Aryisans blitz north, capturing the city of Cantor and taking its King prisoner. The few remaining Cantoran forces are pushed north, into the Mountains of the Rim. Southern Tesh and most of Cantor are now under Aryisan occupation. The Nartonans protect a few costal regions, and the northern Cantor is under threat of liberation by the Cantoran refugees. Narton managed to escape relatively unharmed, but much of this year's harvest is lost, pillaged or burnt by Aryisan raiders.