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Actions in the Game Year 1405

Society Name: Aryisa

"...and so I ask that this council countinue its investigation into the possibility that the northern Razanian kingdoms have aided the rebels of  two years past."

Duke Iyan, one of the most influental Crusaders, sat down, having concluded his speech. He smiled as the votes came in. An overwhelming majority had agreed to his proposal.

  Action 1 (Internal): Continue Investigating Uprising

Actor: The Grand Council

Difficulty: Hard

Primary Determinent: Influence (Fair)

Reaction: Cautious

Modifiers: - the trail grows cold

- lack of rapport with Razanians

+ the document recovered from last year's raids

  The Grand Council begins its own investigation into the uprising.

 Results: 0 -1 -1 -1 +1 -1 + (+1 +1 -1 0) = -1 Failure.

Again the Asagmari are left with no more information than they began with. The antipathy between Aryisa and the independent Razanian states makes any effort to penetrate their internal manoeuvrings virtually futile. The border between Aryisa and the northern periphery states of Narton, Tesh and Canor is for all intents and purposes closed.


  Duke Iyan retired to his chambers. "Yes... many of the neutrals are being swayed to my agenda. I must concentrate on bringing them fully into my fold." He smiled once more.

  Action 2 (Internal): Build Power Base.  The Crusaders begin actively recruitng among neutral nobles.

  Actor: Crusaders

Difficulty: Normal

Reaction: Cautious

Primary Determinent: Influence (Good)

Modifiers: + Crusaders sucess in convening Grand Council

Result: +1 +0 +1 + (0 -1 +1 0) = +2 Great Success!

The Crusaders' achievement of creating a new Grand Council has gained them many new supporters. Their point of view within the chambers of the Grand Council looks likely to be unopposed in the near future. (+1 for the Crusaders getting their way in the Grand Council for the foreseeable future).



"Despite our lack of success, I believe we should contunue with our project" The speaker was Duke Danan, who most of the Guardians looked to for leadership. When his motion was agreed to by the small group of  Guardians, he also smiled.

  Action 3 (External): Promote Trade (2/2).  The Guardians continue to promote trade, this time concentrating on expanding Aryisa's trading fleet and improving its ports.

Actor: Guardians

Difficulty: Normal

Determinent: Trade (Fair)

Reaction: Buissness as usual

Modifiers: +Aryisa is a logical stopping point for the Cepaler-Midsea traders

Result = 0 + 0 +1 + (-1 0 -1 -1) + (+1 -1 0 -1) = -3 Terrible failure!

The persistent attempts at persuasion by the Guardians of visiting merchants has persuaded many never to return! Many are considering alternatives to stopping off at Aryisa. Some are inclined to weigh anchor at Haran, the southern Asagmari port instead, whereas others have more or less decided to avoid the Asagmari altogether and stop either in Aixelsydan or a suitable alternative on the Kelshir coast.


"So, Aixelsyban has been having severe flooding."

"Yes, your grace."

Duke Danan thought for a moment and replied, "Send aid to Aixelsyban. If nothing else it will provide a market for our excess grain."

"Yes, your grace."

  Action 4(External): Send Aid to Aixelsyban

Actor: Guardians

Difficulty: Easy

Reaction: Buissness as usual

Primary Determinent: Trade?

Secondary Determinent: Ralations?

Modifiers: + No reason for Aixelsyban not to accept aid

Extra modifier: -1 due to Action 3.

Result = 0 +1 +1 -1 + (0 0 -1 0) = 0 Partial success.

While the Asagmari welcome the grain, the meddling of the Guardians in Aryisa has meant many merchants are unwilling to ship the grain to Aixelsydan. Some grain does leave, via the southern port of Haran, but not as much as would've been possible.


EXTRA: Action 5 (External): Open Relations with Aixlsyban

Actor: Regent Alvar III

Primary: Relations non existent, therefore Mediocre (-1)

Task: Easy (to open dialogue)

Modifiers: +1 sending grain

-1 Aixelsydani pre-occupied with the flood relief

-1 Extra action.

Result: -1 +1 +1 -1 + (-1 -1 0 +1) = -2 Ooops! Failure.

The Aixelsydani thank Aryisa for the grain, but are too busy to think about any parley this year.