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Actions in the Game Year 1404

Society Name: Aryisa

ActionNumber: 1 Single

Tactical, Internal Espionage

Actor: Regent Alvar III

Action: Investigate Uprising

Primary: Influence

Difficulty: Hard

Task type: Cautious


(+): Crusader support

(-): low consent in Razanian population

-: no rapport with independent Razanian kingdoms

Regent Alvar III, giving into the urgings of the Crusaders, orders an investigation into the recent uprising, with the intent to provide evidance for war against the northern Razanian states.


Result = +1 -1 +1 -1 -1 + (0 -1 +1 0) = -1 Failure.

Whether the neighbouring Razanian states had anything to do with the recent uprising is unknown. Without a decent spy network, Alvar's agents are left floundering. No evidence to support the theory has been discovered. However, Alvar's diplomatic handling of the situation hasn't meant a worsening in the relations between them.


ActionNumber: 2 Single

Tactical, External, Raid

Actor: various nobles

Action: Nobles perform Unsanctioned Raids

Primary: Military force

Difficulty: Hard

Task mods:

(-): No support from Regent

Task type: Risky

Reaction mods:

Description: Some nobles, particulary those who were hurt by the uprising, perform rads into the northern Razanian states. Soon after the raids begin, Regent Alvar III orders them stopped, but the raids continue throughout the year.


Result = +2 -1 -1 + (-1 +1 +1 -1) = 0 Partial Success.

The nobles burn a few Razanian settlements in the border areas and murder a score of villagers. The reprisals are seen as an open act of war by the rulers, who deny involvement with the uprisings in Aryisa. In their eyes, and much of Aryisa, the Regent's credibility has fallen. The nobles have gotten away with pursuing their own agenda. The nobles, however, do return with a parchment which details the delivery of weapons to Aryisan Razanians, but as it is unsigned, they cannot point a finger to the supplier.

Alvar's Authority is reduced to great (+2) for one year.


ActionNumber: 3 Single

Tactical, Internal, Intrigue

Actor: Crusaders

Action: Convene Great Council

Primary: Influence

Difficulty: Normal

Task mods:

(+): traditionally, a council is called soon after a regent comes to power.

-1 : There are some comments that if the meeting takes place there isn't a building to house that many individuals all at once in the city.

Task type: Cautious


The Crusaders attempt to call a Grand Council (a meeting of Asagmari nobles elected by their peers that has lawmaking ability) for next year. A Grand Council would stay in session for several years.


Result = +1 -0 +1 -1 + (0 +1 0 0) = +2 Great success!

The Crusaders manage to convince everyone, including the Regent, that a Grand Council would be beneficial to the nation. Representatives from each noble family have agreed to attend the meeting in the city of Aryisa next year. They've even received backing for the construction of a new building to house the meeting in the future if the Crusaders so desire it.


ActionNumber: 4 Single

Strategic, External, Develop/invest

Actor: Guardians

Action: Promote Trade (1/2)

Primary: Trade

Difficulty: Normal

Task mods:

(+): Aryisa is a logical stopping point for ships traveling to Cepalar

Task type: Business as usual

Description: The Guardians begin a campaign to increase trade with other nations. They will promote the city of Aryisa as a gathering place for ships traveling in between Cepalar and Midsea, as well as improving Aryisa's own small trading fleet.


Result so far= 0 + 0 +1 + (-1 0 -1 -1) + ....

The Guardians have begun to spend more time in the port of Aryisa city, trying to convince merchants that Aryisa is the logical stopping-off point between Midsea and Celpalar. Their forthright manner, while appropriate to discussions with the Crusaders, may not be suited to the task at hand. None seem too impressed with their arguments thus far…..