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Society Determinants


Society name The Amo'trall
Location Southern Qaiyore.
Languages None really, series of whistles, grunts, and howls
Size 30,000 seperated into 3 large nomadic tribes, each of which cover several thousand square miles of hunting territory
Philosophical Orientation Survival
Subsistence Hunting!. Most game is large beasts  akin to Mammoth, "Dire Wolves", Giant Sloth, Bison. The women gather nuts, wild rice, berries, and other easily accesible foodstuffs. They have   fire, and just domesticated the dog, have bow/arrows, hide huts...


Ruling Agency The Tribal chiefs...3 tribes...3 chiefs!
Key elements The Bear Tribe. The Mammoth Tribe. The White Tribe. The Willows.
Internal politics The Bear Tribe: largest tribe living in the woods mostly...friendly to the Willows, knows of and fears the peoples of Videssia...warlike...Cave Bear is the tribes sacred animal.

Chief of the Bear Tribe:
consent: fair; good to rally men on a raid
influence: fair: a liitle to rough around the edges
authority: good; always listened to by elders and chiefs

The Mammoth Tribe: Large tribe and most influencial due to chiefs resourcefulness. Very nomadic as they follow the mammoth herds during the year. The mammoth is the tribes sacred animal.

Chief of Mammoth Tribe:
consent: fair; great consent only in his tribe though
influence: great; the elder chief among chiefs always has the last word
Authority: great; his word is binding to all the tribes

The White tribe: small tribe living along the ice fields hunting polar bears, and fending off attacks by strange sorcerers from the north. Magically inclined due to strange ability to use snow and ice as weapons. Their artwork of ivory is excellent as is their ability of hunting for Carribou, Polar Bear, and using kayaks along rivers and down the icy coast for seals, and penguins.

Chief of the White Tribe:
consent: poor; mostly unknown and due to young age for a chief
influence: poor; again the same problems
authority: poor; tries to lead his tribe, he has a lot to learn

The Willows: a group of female druidic types who are fairly rare in public and are considered more legend than real. They worship a goddess (I'll think of a name soon) and during the Summer Solstice, magic occuring then will be more powerful and effective ( +1 Mod maybe) while at the Winter Solstice thier magic is weaker and harder to do (-1 Mod maybe)...they help farmers, aid animals, help lost travelers, and are generally thought of as good people even though no one knows of what they really are. They are generally low on the tech scale, yet they improvise and are very creative with what they have, so these women are creative, intelligent, and resourceful in the home and out. As for information...they are secretive and use animals like owls, and mice to gather info they need on friends and opponents alike.

The Willows:
consent: great among all the tribes, always known to help
influence: good; magical help is always welcome
authority:poor; women aren't looked at as leaders

External politics Videssia: Poor
Onagir: Fair
Others TBD


Military organization The Hunters: Nearly all the men in this nomadic semi-civilized society are hunters, Great Mammoth, Bison, wild Horses, and Giant Sloth are all hunted...Cave Bears, Dire Wolves are ever present to eat the poor hunters for a tasty snack.. These Semi-Nomadic Barbarians use great thrusting spears like knights use pikes, I will have my men use Bows, and slings as long range weapons. The tribes don't have a military...the tribes do small raids for food, water, and to keep away "strangers" and goblins...
Military values Force: Very Small
Size: Very Small

The tribes never attack en masse, but only in small clan raids.

Economic system TBD

The general base of wealth exists with ivory, and furs, and hides to trade if the Videssians would stop attacking the tribal hunting grounds.

Technological Base Generally neolithic with some magic due to the magical workings of the willows and the new abilities done by the white tribe
Economic values TBD
Humanities                      Tolerance        Prevelance         Diversity         Sophistication
Religion            great              poor                 terrible              fair
Arts                   fair                poor                 poor                 fair
Scholastics      terrible            terrible              terrible             terrible
Magic              fair                 poor                 poor                 fair