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Actions in Game Year 1411

Society Name: The Amo'trall

Action 1- 4 ( +3) Mod during the summer solstice ( +1) Mod.

The willows will have a series of long rituals and ceremonies, If sacrifises and special magical herbs, anything to make these rituals work: The root of the rituals, is to call the spirits to see the problems and evil that Videssia is doing and the need to really hurt them. The spirits will plague Videssia with Pestilence, drought, and poor harvests. That way..if you cant feed your armiers, the armies cant kill and destroy others...namely us and the Onagir. The spirits will be a general type , either true spirits, fae creatures or even true a plague of locusts

Task: Very Hard (-2)
Mods: + + Quadruple Action
+ Summer Solstice
-- The plague diverts efforts, as well as striking some of the Willows


Result: -2 + 0 +3 +1 -2 + (0 +1 0 0)= +1 Success

Suggestion: The spirits answer the Willows' call, and the plauge striking the Amo'trall spreads north into Videssia.