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Actions in Game Year 1410

Society Name: The Amo'trall

Action 1 - 4 ( +3 Mod )

The Bear Chief will do this during the first part of the year...Winter

Attack Videsia: with the whole tribe generally nomadic during winter....the tribe will head north to push up against Videssian border....and the Bear Chief will launch series of attacks and strikes against villages and food centers ( That way the Videssians will have no food for spring and summer)due to the Videssian actions against the Onagir. The strikes hopefully will cause the "captured' Onagir to rebel against thier captors and will lead to greater chaos inside of the Videssian Empire

Determinant: [I'm not treating the raids as battles, so the primary determinant is a mixture of Scholastics (military skill -3 ) and Resources (people - undetermined, thus 0) therefore -1]
Task: Normal (0)
Mods: +3 (Quadruple action)
+1 Videssians otherwise occupied (see Videssian actions)

Result: -1 +4 + (+1 -1 -1 -1) = +1 Complete Success!

Suggestion: The southern settlements of Videssia, abandoned by many of their defenders, are easy prey to the Amo'trall and Onagir raiders. Fields are burnt and stores of food pillaged. Many Onagir serfs are freed and return to their southern forests. Famine kills more people than the assaults. Hundreds die of hunger.