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Society Determinants


Society name Aixelsydan
Location North and south coast of the Straits of Anorurr, northeastern Midsea.
Languages Alorathaean & Trade Talk.
Size Scope: Small to Medium- 400,000 people
Philosophical Orientation Primary Orientation: Conquest
Tradition: Trade

Secondary Orientation: War

  Wilderness% 30 (Normal) - mountains
Wasteland% 20 (Small) - mountains
Yield% 120 (Great) - quite fertile land
Urban% 5 (Big) - a few cities


Ruling Agency
Proconsul Deraskin VI 
Key elements Proconsul, Senate, Noble Houses, Merchant Houses, Mountain Lords, Lord of the Army, Lord of the Navy, Great Chancelor
Internal politics Procunsul Deraskin VI:
Authority: Good
Influence: Good
Consent: Superb

Authority: Supurb
Influence: Good
Consent: Great

Noble Houses:
Authority: Good
Influence: Good
Consent: Fair

Merchant Houses
Authority: Poor
Influence: Great
Consent: Fair

Mountain Lords
Authority: Mediocre
Influence: Supurb
Consent: Fair

Lord of the Army
Authority: Great
Influence: Good
Consent: Good

Lord of the Navy
Authority: Good
Influence: Great
Consent: Good

Great Chancelor
Authority: Poor
Influence: Fair
Consent: Great

External politics Aryisa: Good (+1)
Ka'Shari: Poor (-2)
Milakanur: Terrible (-3)
Tana: Miserable (-4)


Military organization Professional Force (primary)
Mustering Concript (secondary)
Military values Army:
Force: Good (+1)
Size: Fair (0)

Force: Superb (+3)
Size: Good (+1)
Economic system
Currency& Credit 
Technological Base Metallurgic
Economic values
Trade: (Good)        Good
Craft:(Good)         Good
Resources:(Good)     Good
Exploitation:(Great)  Great
Wealth:(Good)        Good
             Tolerance Prevalence Diversity Sophistication
             --------- ---------- --------- --------------
Religion      Fair      Mediocre   Fair      Good
Arts          Fair      Fair       Fair      Good
Scholastics   Fair      Mediocre   Mediocre  Good
  Essence     Fair      Mediocre   Fair      Good
  Authority   Fair      Mediocre   Fair      Good