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Actions in the Game Year 1429

Society Name: Aixelsydan

ACTION 1: The Quest for Knowledge (1 of 3 years)

SYNOPSIS: The senate of Aixelsydan has ordered the construction of the Great Library. While a more in depth name may be given to the project unce it is under way, the great library has three stages. The first one, attempted this year, is the construction itself. The finest engineers and powerful mages have been hired to raise a specatacular building for this new site, designed from the very conception as the place for the largest library of the nation by far. Different sections will be included in the library, including a magical one that will be protected by spells in place. The mages are also instructed to aid with the external finish of the building, to make it aesthetically unique. Marble is used for the last layer of the outside of the library.

The next stage, next year, will see the completion of the project and the stocking of the library. Texts from all other sides will be coppied, submissions from outside Aixelsydan will be accepted, known materials will be brought over and as much knowledge as possible will fill the shelves. The library will enhance in knowledge as time will go on, in future years, when it is already operational. The Great Library will accept any type of work, any type of text... all pre-screened when first submitted, but no knowledge is supposed to be refused place. The idea is to provide a strong information and scientific base to the people of Aixelsydan and any visitors to the nation. This will, hopefully, be a tool to draw trade and great minds to Aixelsydan.

The third stage, third year, is the buffer zone. During it, the stocking of the library will continue, any unfinished constructions will take place, and anything that needs correcting will be tended to. It is also in this year that staff will be trained, and the position of head librarian chosen. Or so the plan goes.

PRIMARY DETERMINANT: Senate's Authority (Superb +3)
WEIGHT: Single
ACTORS: The Senate
-1 Great expectations of the project
+1 Great Exploitation (gathering higher quality resources)

+3 +1 -1 -1 +1 (-1 0 -1 +1) + () + ()

The building is began but it appears that it will take another year for the building to be finished.

ACTION 2: A Hand in Friendship

SYNOPSIS: The Aixelsydani are construcing a meeting hall in the upper foothills of the Mountais of the Rim. The place will hopefully serve in future as a netural ground between the Ben Horroth and Aixelsydan. It will be an area where the Ben Horroth and the Aixelsydani will be able to freely visit and exchange information, express grievances and propose ideas. The hall is to be near the Ben Horroth land, but not in it, and away from any major urban centre of Aixelsydan. This action is a preparation action for the next year's expedition to Ben Horroth to establish stronger ties between nations. It is overseen by select Mountain Lords.

PRIMARY DETERMINANT: Exploitation (Great +2)
SECONDARY DETERMINANT: Mountain Lords' Authority (Good +1)
WEIGHT: Single
ACTORS: Builders, Ambassadors, Mountain Lords
+1 Easy action
-1 Best builders are tied in the Great Library project
+1 Stone is available on site (quarries of the Mountains of the Rim)

+2 +1 -1 -1 +1 (+1 -1 -1 +1) = +2 Success

A simple hall is built.


ACTION 3: Old Friends

SYNOPSIS: Aixelsydan is sending an expedition to close ties with Celpalar. Those chosen are profficient in Ancient Avaeran, to honor Celpalar's heritage. The expedition will sail to Areneth and spend several months there. The hope is to strengthen the political ties between the two nations, and raise the trade ones. Aixelsydan wishes to trade with Celpalar on regular basis, and is proposing to assist the nation with the trade from Midsea. This will, hopefully, bring the two markets together, making them stronger, and enlarge the trade going through the Straight of Anorurr. Celpalar is a lucrative market to many Midsea nations, like Taltheran, and trade from that regoin has diminished recently due to natural disasters.

SECONDARY DETERMINANT: Celpalar's interest in return (?)
WEIGHT: Single
ACTORS: Navy, Ambassadors and Traders
+1 Relations between Aixelsydan and Celpalar are already good
+1 Cultural ties between the two nations have become strong

+1 -1 +2 (+1 +1 +1 0) = +5 Complete Success

Talk with the Celpalar player and tell me what you desided.

ACTION 4: Hired Eyes

SYNOPSIS: Aixelsydani have great ambitions. Already some years ago, it was proven that the lands to the north contain more of the same people, all of which speak the same language. The lands are rich in gems and gold, and who knows what else. Proconsul Deraskin VI, with great interest of the nation, can see many benefits of interest in those lands. Yet the entire region is not that stable. The Ban Horroth will hopefully be friends again, and the Razanian coast - smithen with war - is past the mountains and not directly threatening to spill its wars outwards. Still, with the Shanari in the north and Milakanur sitting on the ancient lands of Avaera, tensions are a matter of daily routine. On top of it, the new trend in Aixylsedan, where the nobility finds it very culturally and socially appealing to prove the proximity of their linneage from the rich Avaeran settlers of the north, Milakanur is not viewed with much love. But the concensus is there... something has to be done about Milakanur. Nobody wants war with that nation in the future, but the relations are strained enough to make any deals hard. So, in his infinite wisdom, Proconsul Deraskin VI has hired Taltheran traders for a mission. They are to travel to Milakanur and determine the country's disposition towards Aixelsydan and the possible road on which to better relations. This action is a preparation for future diplomatic moves with Milakanur. Should it happen to go very well, there is hope that it may even improve relations this year.

PRIMARY DETERMINANT: Relations with Milakanur (Terrible -3)
SECONDARY DETERMINANT: Proconsul Deraskin VI's Authority (+1)
DIFICULTY: Hard (the people doing the job are not native Aixelsydani)
WEIGHT: Single
ACTORS: Hired Taltherani traders
+1 Taltherani are famous traders and accepted openly
+1 The proximity of Milakanur to Aixelsydan makes it possible to have constant contact with the traders and direct their information gathering

+1 Milakanur needs to protect itself against the Shinari, and cannot risk straining relations further with Aixelsydan, not to mention war

-3 +1 +3 (-1 +1 0 -1) 0 Mixed Results

Talk with the Milk. player.


ACTION 5: Scholarly Pursuits

SYNOPSIS: The cultural revolution that occurred in Aixelsydan some 8 genrations ago left a dynamic region full of passion and vigor. Among it, the noble houses have now come to their own in terms of power and influence. Yet the practical Aixelsydani have interests of their own, and among the nobility, art, culture and scholastics are viewed highly. Competition between houses is often on, as are the great trends that spread throughout the sphere like a wildfire. This time, especially with all the talks of the building of the Great Library, scholastics are on the forefront. Funds from the noble houses have gone to the local schools and universities and it is no longer uncommon for a house to sponsor a particularily talented scholar. This year, the trend continues with full force, adding to the already existing knowledge. The hope is to raise the scholastic sophistication of Aixelsydan by the end of the year.

PRIMARY DETERMINANT: Noble Houses' Influence (Good +1)
SECONDARY DETERMINANT: Resources (Good +1) - facilitate experimenting and testing
Very Hard (Your trying to change a determent they usally take a couple of years.)
WEIGHT: Extra Action (-1)
ACTORS: Noble Houses and Scholars
-1 Mediocre diversity of scholastics still
+1 Internal hype with scholastics this year (Great Library being initiated)

+1 +1 -1 -1 +1 ( -1 +1 -1 -1) = -1 Failure

The House in their competion really don't bear any knolwegde.