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Actions in the Game Year 1413

Society Name: Aixelsydan

Action 1-3: Strategic 1 of 5

Now that Aixelsydan controls both sides of the straight, and has fortified it's borders, the Proconsul sees the potential for trade as the ships that move in and out of the strait can be both protected from piracy (and thus encouraging more trade) and taxed at the same time. Thus, the Proconsul orders the use of long chains to search the bottom of the sea beds for the shallowest areas, and for the construction of artifical defensive barriers to be created inside of the straights, creating, bit by bit a maze that only the Aixelsydani will know how to navigate. This will be done a little at a time, with the fleet patrolling to make sure nearby ships do not spy on the construction...ships passing through for now will simply be left unmolested, as long as they do not spy on the Aixelsydani activity. This will be kept as secret as reasonably possible.

Difficulty: Hard
Determinants: Resources: Good: +1 and/or Craft which is also Good: +1

Magic can be used to help locate the best spots to build the sophsitication of their magic is also Good (+1)

The maze will be designed to be artificial reefs, and thus coral, when possible will be magically encouraged to grow there.

Modifiers: - They are trying to keep the whole thing secret
+ The Aixelsydani have THE most powerful navy in the area, and control both sides of the straights.
+ This is GREATLY in the interests of the Aixelsydani people, who depend a great deal on the trade that goes through the straits, and is thus far more likely to get the support of the local lords.
+ Combining actions (+2?)
+ They are using a combination of Aixelsydan's superior engineer's and their limited, but intelligent Water Mages to work on the project.
+ They have been nagivating this area of the ocean for CENTURIES, and know it like know other people in the world.
+ The Aixelsdani want to expand their wealth and trade quickly, but not so quickly it breaks them, this is an excellent compromise, not risking immidiate war, but simply improving thier own holdings (which are already at Exploitation: Great for their land based holdings.
+ It should be easier to keep secret because it's doubtful that anyone has ever tried anything like this before, or would even guess that they are indeed trying to accomplish such a great task.


Result so far: -4 +1 +5 + (0 0 0 -1) +2 + () + () + () + ()

Suggestion: The project begins...


Action 4: Improve relations with the Ban Horroth

Reaching out to the Ban Horroth who reached out to them before, The Proconsul desires to return the favor, in the interests of securing the border, and permanently improving relations with their neighboors to the immidiate north.

Difficulty: Easy
Determinant: Relations [Fair]
Modifiers: +The Ban Horroth approached the Aixelsdani before, and as such the Aixelsdani are only continuing the relationship and attempting something it appears that they already wanted.
+Both nations have much to gain by improved relations-The Ban Horroth of manufactured goods, and the Aixelsdani of the vast natural resources the Ban Horroth can provide.
+There is a great deal of instability in the region with the war between the Razanians and the Aryisans at the moment, and as such-it is in the interests of both powers in the region to stabilize relations between themselves lest they somehow become involved in the conflict.
(-) The Ban Horroth are hard to find


Result: +1 +2 + (+1 -1 0 +1) +4 Superior Success

Suggestion: Relations at +1.