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Actions in the Game Year 1412

Society Name: Aixelsydan

Action [1-4]: Hold and Assimilate the Land

The Proconsul has got what he wanted, both sides of the Aixelsydan straight between the inner sea and the ocean beyond. Rather than expand to the south, he orders the army to begin a series of fortifications in case of retaliation. The army is to defend, and to integrate the conquored territory with that of the rest of the empire.

Difficulty: Hard -1
Deteriminant [Military Force
Modifiers: +2 Quadruple Action
+Superior Force
+Acting in a Defensive and holding capacity
+Offering eventual citizenship to all those in occupied lands (within five years) if they cooperate
+Until now there has been no majorly organized force trying to stop them, giving them time to build fortifications
-It is occupied territory and patriotism may stop them.
-4 Should be a strategic action


Result: -1 +1 +6 -5 + (+1 0 0 0)=+2 Complete Success

Suggestion: The occupied area is secured. The fortifications provide a +1 bonus to the defense of the area. A few callthe line of hasty fortifications the "Earthen Veil" due to its simmilarity to the Timber Veil in Aryisa.