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Actions in the Game Year 1410

Society Name: Aixelsydan

Action [1-4] The Proconsul decides that the kingdom must expand.

All attempts to do that peacefully within his domain have met with disaster...literally. Thus, mobilizing the forces under his command, he sends them to the "uncivilized" shore upon the south to begin taking, securing and conquering territory to the south.

Primary Determinant: Resources (+1)
Task: Normal (0)
Mod: +3 (Quadruple action)


Result: +1 +3 + (-1 0 +1 +1) = +5 Extraordinary success!

Suggestion: The Orasareni locals are hardly overjoyed at being 'conquered' by Aixelsydani armies, but as farming colonists escaping the urban settlements of Orasaren and Rhudyn they are officially not part of the Free Cities and are unable to call on their kin for aid. The Aixelsydani quickly put down any resistance and secure the territory. A small number of farmers flee back to their home cities which include Cormenaera and Anaduan, while a number of others flee to the Aryisan port of Haran and seek shelter from the Guardian faction there.